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Watch out for Road Debris

dreamstime_s_53673846.jpgBlown tires, hubcaps, ladders, landscaping tools, and even large furniture are seen on our roads every day, particularly on freeways, where a poorly secured load can go airborne if the vehicle carrying it reaches a high speed. Not only can debris damage your vehicle, it can also cause a collision as vehicles swerve to avoid it. What can you do to help prevent contact?

Slow down. Exceeding the speed limit is not only against the law, it also reduces the time you have to react to unexpected situations while behind the wheel, such as having to avoid roadway debris in your travel lane. Wet or icy roads in winter can add extra danger, since your tires have less traction.

Watch all lanes, not just the one you’re driving in, in case you need to quickly change lanes to avoid debris ahead of you. Sometimes the safest choice is to veer onto the shoulder rather than dart into another driving lane. If other vehicles have you boxed in, your only choice is to hit the brakes.

Don’t tailgate. If the vehicle in front of you swerves to avoid hitting an object, you may not have enough time to follow suit if you’re driving too close. Be cautious when following vehicles that are carrying a load such as tools, equipment, or furniture; if not properly secured, these items could fly out of a truck bed and toward your vehicle.

Sometimes there is no way to avoid hitting debris. This is particularly true if the roads are wet, if you are driving a tall vehicle with high rollover capacity, or if you’re unsure of your ability to safely maneuver around the object. If you run over debris, you should have a trusted mechanic inspect the underside of your vehicle for damage.



Blind Spot Detection

gallery_sorento_2016_exterior_033-kia-1280x-jpgIn the new Sorento, when blind spot detection senses another vehicle or object in your blind spot, the system will warn you with a visual signal on your side mirror.

2017 Sorento Details


A front end that commands attention. The 2017 Sorento, commands a larger more aggressive signature tiger-nosed grille complete with a 3D pattern.

2017 KIA Sorento


Redesigned to be sleek, strong, and adaptive to your needs, the 2017 Sorento has elegantly sculpted surfaces, more cabin space, and a wraparound dashboard for distinctive appeal. From finely crafted seating to intuitive advanced technologies, it’s the car you drive to seek out adventure.

To Buy or to Lease?

You’re more likey to buy

  • When you lease a car, you are typically capped at 15,000 miles a year. Additional mileage can cost you up to 35 cents per mile. And that can really add up.
  • If you like to personalize a car, this investment can be lost on a leased car.
  • If you like the idea of ownership, you are less likely to be happy with the lease option.
  • If you like the feeling of accomplishment that paying off a large purchase brings and should consider that when you lease a car, the payment ends only when you return the car.
  • If the car you presently own is over 3 years old you are more likely a buyer. While not always true, you can usually drive for less if you’re willing to buy and drive for at least 3 years.
  • If you don’t mind doing your own car repairs, you probably don’t mind driving a car after the warranty expires.

You’re more likely to lease

  • Lease arrangements usually involve a 15,000 miles-per-year cap and charge for extra miles. If you drive very little, you may be a candidate for a luxury lease.
  • When you negotiate a 24 or 36-month lease, you can be sure you’ll always be driving a new vehicle.
  • Although you need to maintain and repair your leased vehicle just as you would an owned vehicle, because you typically lease for 2 to 3 years, the car is normally under warranty.
  • Many people prefer to drive a vehicle that is priced above their means and leasing provides the solution.
  • If you don’t mind not owning the car, you are free to enjoy the benefits of leasing like low monthly payments and a low down payment.
  • If you own the company, and you use your car for business, check with your tax advisor. You may be able to deduct your auto expenses, including your monthly lease payment. And if the company you work for gives you a monthly car allowance, you may want to lease since you’ll be able to drive a nicer car for a lower monthly payment.

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